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Our Labour Prices 2024


Daytime / Evening service cost:


How the charges work:

You are charged a fixed price for the first hour (i.e. £90 1st hour), and then after the first hour is charged every 15 minutes (i.e. £20 ) 

 £90 + £80= £170 ( for two hours work ).  NO VAT !!! 

We are not vat registered.

We can reduce the overall  labour cost if job duration is shorter than what is quoted. Please note the cost of materials cannot be reduced.

All charges come with a 90 days guarantee on workmanship !!!

Monday - Friday  8am - 6pm:     NO VAT !!!

1st hour - £90

Per 15 mins after 1st hr - £20  

After hours 6pm- emergency only

1st hour - £100 

Per 15 mins after 1st hr - £20

Saturday 8am - 6pm:

1st hour £100

Per 15 mins after 1st hr - £20


After hours 6pm- emergency only

1st hour - £110

Per 15 mins after 1st hr - £22.50

Sunday 8am - 1pm:

1st hour - £99.99

Per 15 mins after 1st hr  - £20 

After hours 1pm- emergency only

1st hour - £110 

Per 15 mins after 1st hr - £22.50

Bank Holidays 8am - 1pm:

1st hour - £120- emergency only

Per 15 mins after 1st hr - £22.50


After hours 1pm- emergency only 

1st hour - £135  

Per 15 mins after 1st hr - £27

* Parts / Materials not included

Boiler full service - £170

Basic Boiler Service - £110 

Landlord Certificate - £120 

Cleaning systems

Chemical Flush - £475

Power Flush - £725

If the job requires two plumbers then a charge is added to the Labour cost -   £40 per hour

Congestion Zone

7:00-18:00 Mon-Fri

12:00-18:00 Sat-Sun 

Charges:  £15

All parking charges are add to the final cost.



Charges depend on several factors, including:   

*Where you live.

*The time and materials needed for the job.

*Timing- is it an emergency ?

i.e. Weekend, bank holiday, 24hr call-out.

Average London plumber Labour rates 2024 from 

Installing  an electric shower         £198

Fix a dripping tap                             £126

Installing a new tap                          £130

Fix a leaking pipe                             £130 - £170

Fix a leaking radiator                       £144 - £203

Leaking Toilet                                   £133 - £195

Replace a sink                                  £160 - £270

Replace a toilet                                £272 - £361

Install a Radiator                              £287 - £508.12

Radiator valve replacement           £120 -  £200

Slow draining sink                            £90   -  £120

Gas Safety Certificate                   £100    -  £180

Water heater repair & install         £400 - £700


Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm
Emergency call - outs only 6pm -12am
Sunday - 9am - 1pm


07955 586619








SW London




Central London

NW London

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Trusted London Plumbers

We are known for honesty and reliability, with our trusted on-time prompt service. We are depended on by thousands of London's / local residents for all plumbing repairs and maintenance services.

We're as trusted as the most recommended plumbers in London.

We understand the frustration a plumbing issue can cause when things go wrong.

All you need is a clean, honest, reliable, plumber who can at least guarantee you a fast service at a good price.
We have been rescuing London residents from their plumbing nightmares for over 15 years and we hope to continue doing so, by offering our reliable services, and a team of clean professional plumbers, with thousands of satisfied customers. 

Why settle for a mediocre plumber? when you could have our local plumbing heroes save you from that leaking tap, pipe or broken hot water heater, we are well known for reliability, fast emergency service to all plumbing issues all over London.


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