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Dealing with dripping taps in kitchen and bathroom

From: Nina Dierckx, '

Source: Phone

Daren was very professional and efficient in all respects. Easy and quick WhatsApp confirmation of appointment, arrived punctually. Straightforward quote for job and very efficient and tidy work done. I am delighted to have found such an excellent professional. Thank you so much, Daren!

Average Score      10

Workmanship        10

Timekeeping          10

Tidiness                   10

Courtesy                10

 Feedback Published: Feb 2022

 Work done: Feb 2022


Sort out leak under kitchen sink

From: Elfyn Morris, '

Source: Phone

Excellent and personable service. Was round within the hour of answering the call and got the problem fixed in no time. Highly recommended.


Average Score    10

Workmanship           10

Timekeeping              10

Tidiness                       10

Courtesy                    10

 Feedback Published: Dec 2021

 Work done: Dec 2021

 Charged given price

Major leak

From: Lyn Smith, '

Source: Phone

I desperately required a plumber as I had water gushing under my kitchen sink not knowing what happened. This plumber could here the panic in my voice and came swiftly and resolved the issue within minutes. He was happy to clean the water, kept me calm and said not too worry. He was extremely professional and assuring. Absolutely brilliant!

Average Score    10

Workmanship       10

Timekeeping         10

Tidiness                  10

Courtesy               10

 Feedback Published: Nov 2021

 Work done: Nov 2021

 No estimate information given

Tile removal and fixing a toilet.

From: Maeve Cockrell, '

Source: Phone

Extremely fast response! Work completed to a high standard. Daren was able to remove tiles to access the toilet with no damage and left the bathroom clean and tidy after the repair. Would highly recommend!

Average Score   10

Workmanship     10

Timekeeping       10

Tidiness                10

Courtesy              10

 Feedback Published: Nov 2021

 Work done: Nov 2021


Install a new radiator and connect to the main heating system.

From: Jill Bennett, '

Source: Phone

Daren was prompt, polite and efficient. It was a difficult job but he carried on until it was completed (9pm) and was pleasant and friendly throughout the whole process. I now have perfect heating and I'm delighted with the results. Highly recommend!

Average Score     10

Workmanship          10

Timekeeping             10

Tidiness                      10

Courtesy                   10

 Feedback Published: Jan 2022

 Work done: Jan 2022

 Charged given price

Unblocking kitchen pipes

From: Freddie Hodgson, '

Source: Phone

Daren was brilliant. Was quick to respond same day and arrived when he said he would. He carried out the work quickly and with great results. Top man

Average Score  10

Workmanship          10

Timekeeping            10

Tidiness                     10

Courtesy                   10

 Feedback Published: Nov 2021

 Work done: Nov 2021

 Charged given price

Emergency call out for a leak

From: Rebecca Dench, '

Source: Phone

Extremely efficient service . Would highly recommend . Straightforward and very approachable .

Average Score  10

Workmanship     10

Timekeeping       10

Tidiness               10

Courtesy            10

 Feedback Published: Jan 2022

 Work done: Jan 2022

 No estimate information given


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